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Gym Financial Model and Budget Control

Gym Financial Model and Budget Control

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This Excel model is a highly adaptable and user-friendly tool for crafting a 10-year rolling 3-statement financial projection (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement) with a monthly cadence.
- It is specifically tailored for a startup or existing Gym business, generating revenue through:
   - Membership fees
   - Personal training sessions
   - Group fitness classes
   - Merchandise

- The model enables users to input various revenue streams and associated:
   - Variable costs
   - Staff compensation
   - Operating expenses
   - Capital assets
  - Borrowings

- Adhering to best practices in financial modeling, the model comprises:
    - Instructions
    - Explanations for each line item (input Sheet)
    - Checks
   - Input validations

- A dedicated sheet for historical data entry is included, allowing users to:
- Track and directly compare the Gym's actual performance against the forecasted numbers

- The model also boasts an extensive suite of charts, providing users with:
- A clear visual depiction of the Gym's crucial metrics and performance indicators


The primary outputs include:

- Detailed financial statements presented monthly over a decade and condensed annually
- Valuation sheet
- Over 30 financial and business ratios for an in-depth performance analysis of the Gym
- A sheet replete with informative charts for a visual grasp of business dynamics and principal drivers
- Breakeven analysis
- A dashboard featuring:
- Summaries of forecasted financial statements
- Key financial ratios
- Bar charts for visualizing financial projections
- Revenue and gross profit margins
- Sources and Uses of Funds
- Cash balance trajectory

The model is organized as follows:

- Assumptions: This sheet is the cornerstone of the financial model, incorporating pivotal assumptions about revenue, CapEx, OpEx, and startup costs, all configured for a Gym setting.

- Operations: This sheet explicates the computations for revenue, COGS, and OpEx, all based on the inputs from the Assumptions sheet.

- Working Capital: Critical to the Gym's short-term financial robustness, this sheet calculates the requisite working capital for the day-to-day activities.

- Debt Structure: Key for a startup or an expanding Gym; this sheet allows for debt planning in line with the Gym's financial strategy.

-Capital Expenditures (CapEx): Focused on the outlays necessary for acquiring and maintaining the Gym's equipment and infrastructure.

- Monthly Financial Statements (Mo-FS): This sheet presents the income, balance, and cash flow statements, mirroring the details from Operations and CapEx. It also includes a section for potential dividend distribution arrangements, if applicable.

- Actual Performance: This sheet records the Gym's actual performance, set against the forecasted figures for ongoing comparison.

- Actual + Forecast: This sheet feeds into the valuation analysis by merging forecasted numbers with real data.

- Annual Financial Statements: Offering a yearly financial summary, this sheet aggregates the monthly financial statements.

- Summary: An executive summary sheet that showcases key business metrics for rapid evaluation.

- Breakeven Analysis: Determines the sales volume required to cover operational costs, an essential metric for new Gyms.

-Ratios: Features over 20 financial ratios to examine the Gym's performance thoroughly.

- Valuation: Applies the discounted cash flow methodology to estimate the value of the Gym.

- Budget vs. Actual: Assesses financial performance by juxtaposing budgeted figures with actuals, tracking progress year over year.

- Charts: Provides graphical representations of financial data to underscore variances and assist in strategic decision-making.

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