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Inventory Management Template | Inventory Tracker | Inventory Profit Analysis

Inventory Management Template | Inventory Tracker | Inventory Profit Analysis

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Inventory Management Template

Introducing our powerful and user-friendly inventory template! Our template is designed to help you efficiently manage your inventory and stay on top of your stock levels. With features such as automatic updates, interactive reports, and easy-to-use input fields, you'll save time and effort while gaining valuable insights into your inventory data.

Our template includes a dashboard where you can view your inventory at a glance and an inventory movement section where you can record transactions and track your stock levels. The profitability report calculates your cost of sales and provides customizable reports for user-defined date ranges.

Our template automates many tedious tasks associated with inventory management, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business. Try our inventory template today and see how it can simplify your inventory management process!

Template Structure:
The inventory dashboard updates automatically based on the stock code and dates selected in the filter section. You can view calculations for individual stock codes or all items by clearing the list box. The dashboard provides an interactive report that allows you to select balances or movements, amounts, costs, quantities, and transaction types. You can view all transaction types or individual purchases, usage, and adjustments. Additionally, the dashboard features stats for the top products by transaction type and purchase price variance. There is no need for user input beyond filter and report selections, as all workings are included below the dashboard.
The various stock items in the dashboard can be configured from columns A to J, starting from row 40. The user only needs to fill in the columns with yellow headings to enter data. The light blue columns have calculations that update automatically as data is entered in this section.

Stock Movements
In this sheet, the user can record inventory movement transactions and fill in the details in the columns with yellow headings on this sheet. The columns with light blue headings have formulas that are automatically applied to new transactions added to the table. These formulas calculate the quantity on hand, average cost, and average price variance per transaction. The calculations of unit Prices/costs on the template are based on the average cost for the specific stock item

Profitability Report
This sheet generates a profitability report using data from the Sales and StockMov sheets. The cost of sales is calculated as the total of all stock usage and adjustment transactions. The report offers various calculation options for user-defined date ranges, including month-to-date, year-to-date, daily, and a 12-month period. These calculations are based on the "From" and "To" dates entered in cells F5 and F6. All calculations on this sheet are automated, and no user input is necessary apart from specifying the report dates.

RoL CalC(Reorder Level)
This support sheet assists in calculating metrics such as reorder level, average daily requirement, and maximum daily requirement. No user input is required as the calculations are based on the 30 previous dates from the maximum available date.
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