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Pro Financial Forecast Model - Advanced and Dynamic Financial Forecasting

Pro Financial Forecast Model - Advanced and Dynamic Financial Forecasting

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Unleash the power of precise, customizable forecasting with Pro Financial Forecast, the advanced yet user-friendly financial modeling template that can be used for any business regardless of the sector. 

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Flexibility: Forecast up to 10 years to navigate evolving landscapes and achieve long-term goals.
  • Granular Insights: Track 10+ distinct revenue streams for a comprehensive view of your income potential.
  • Engage with dynamic charts and graphs that translate your financial story into clear, actionable insights.
  • Caters to any business or industry
  • Robust Analysis Suite: Dive deep with Forecast vs. Actuals, Breakeven Analysis, Financial Ratios, and Business Valuation, supported by sophisticated charts.

Model Structure:

  • Timing:  This sheet includes detailed calculations of periods that may affect financial projections, such as fiscal years or quarters  
  •   Input: The primary data entry sheet where initial assumptions, variables, and raw data are entered.  
  •   Actual: This sheet contains historical financial data used as a basis for forecasting.  
  •   Calculations: This sheet is dedicated to intermediate calculations that feed into the final outputs, such as detailed expense calculations or revenue build-ups.  
  •   FinST_Forecast: The output sheet presents the financial statements projected based on the inputs.  
  •   Actual + Forecast: A combined output sheet that merges actual historical data with projected figures  
  •   Q_FinST: Quarterly financial statements output, which includes income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows on a quarterly basis, aggregated from the Actuals+Plan Sheet. 
  •  Ann_FinST: Annual financial statements output, showing the yearly aggregated financial position and performance, aggregated from Actuals + Plan Sheet.  
  •   Performance: Encompasses KPIs, ratios, and other metrics for evaluating financial health. Users can set KPI ranges to match company objectives, and conditional formatting quickly highlights strengths and weaknesses in performance.  
  •   Breakeven: Output sheet that calculates the point at which revenues equal expenses and the project will start to generate profit.  
  •   TTM_FinST: Trailing twelve months' financial statements output, providing a rolling annual perspective on economic performance  
  •   Dashboard: A dashboard output visually presents the financial data and metrics through charts, graphs, and summaries for quick reference.  
  •   Mo_Dashboard: A specialized dashboard output focused on YTD and trailing twelve months of data, offering a dynamic view of the latest full-year financials.  
  •   DCF_Val: An output sheet where the Discounted Cash Flow valuation method is applied to estimate the present value of the business or project.  
  •   Checks: This documentation sheet tracks errors, assumptions that need review, or any inconsistencies within the model.
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